Festival Activities, Demonstrations and Competitions


Highland Dance Competition . Individual Piping and Drumming Competition . Harp Circle . Highland Athletic Competition . Celtic Music . Harp Demonstration . Circle of Harps . Highland Cattle . Sheep Dog Demonstration . Clan Village . Scottish Vendors with Food and Wares


Highland Dance Competition



Individual Piping and Drumming Competition

piping and drumming

Click image to Download application.  Please contact Trish Dean (atdean@att.net) with any questions.


Highland Athletic Competition

Email Ken Gustason (gustason@comcast.net) for Athletic Competition Information.


Clan Village

Email highlandfestival@hotmail.com (highlandfestival@hotmail.com) for Clan Village Information.

Harp Competition

harp competition Harp Competition: Jen Narkevicius, Judge
Performance by CT Harp Ensemble: Led by Haley Hewitt
Harp Workshop: With Jen Narkevicius
Harp Circle

Competing or not, bring your harp and enjoy the day with other local harp players!


2011 Scotland Connecticut Highland Games Opening Ceremony